MOA Newsletter July 2004

1. Editor's Notes
2. MOA Regional CME Calendar 2004 / 2005
3. Online Journal
4. Obituaries
5. Fellowships Update


1. Editor's Notes

1. After investigating the possibility of paying for on-line orthopaedic knowledge the MOA Committee found it not feasible to pay for group access on-line. We want to bring to the attention of members that the Alumni of University of Malaya can join the library for a nominal fee. This would enable the possibility of on-line access to be as well. Other universities may also offer the same services. Please approach the respective libraries for their application rules and forms (Additional information is given below).

2. The AAOS is offering MOA members a discounted rate for access to the website orthopaedic knowledge on-line USD 50 (saving US 118 off the regular rate). For further details, please contact:

  Ms Dallas Ann French
Manager, International Distribution
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
6300 North River Road
Rosemondt, Il 60018-4262
Fax: 847 8238215, email:

3. The AAOS is also offering International Affiliate membership to MOA members. Please enquire with AAOS (address as above) for further details.

4. The venue for the MOA ASM/AGM has been decided and Miri, Sarawak has been chosen. This was decided based on the availability of a suitable hotel and the nearby activities for the family such as the National Park and Niah Caves. Mulu Caves are a plane ride away.

Do start preparing high quality of papers for submission. Dr Robert Penafort has agreed to be the Scientific Chairman.

5. The calendar for the regional orthopaedics meetings for 2004 is given below. Do jot them down in your diary (PDA/Organiser)

Prof Dato' Tunku Sara Ahmad

2. MOA Regional CME Activities Calendar 2004 / 2005

1. Circle meeting Ipoh 23rd July 2004
2. Paediatric orthopaedic Seminar Taiping 24th July 2004
3. Arthroscopy workshop ? ?
4. Spine meeting ? ?
1. Trauma, arthroplasty and Paediatric orthopaedic Seminar Johor Bahru 1st - 3rd October 2004
2. Spine and arthroplasty Update Malacca March 2004
East Coast    
1. East Coast Seminar and Workshop on Trauma, Hand and Arthroplasty Kuala Trengganu / Redang 4th - 7th August 2004
2. Arthroplasty update Kuantan ?
East Malaysia    
1. Paeds Ortho Seminar Kuching November 2004
2. Spine seminar Kota Kinabalu  


3. Online Journal

Some members raised the issue of the Malaysian Orthopaedic Association providing Online Journal via internet to the members.

This issue has been looked into and options for action are available.

(1) Members subscribing to the University library e.g. UM UKM USM for the individual membership. (The typical fee for joining as an individual member is about RM 50-150 per year for alumni or about RM 400-550 per year as a non-alumnus member in UM and UKM.


Advantage: Access to library books, thesis, search facility, as well as non orthopaedic resources. As individual member, there is more control on personal preferences and the usage of resources.

Disadvantage: Difficult to access during office hours. Too many users on the internet. Physical distance for Orthopaedic surgeon in the out laying area.

(2) MOA subscribed to a University Library as a Corporate Member
(Typical fees is RM 4,000/per year for membership and RM 1,000/per year for the right to borrow two books /each corporate membership) 3 password and username is given.


Advantage: Only MOA pays library. Huge financial saving. Access to library resource, Access to non-orthopaedic Journal Access to books (Limited).

Disadvantage: Certain resource like OVID and Proquest is very popular and access at certain time is difficult.

(3) MOA Subscribed to Orthopaedic Online Journal Directly. There is two comprehensive. Medical Information services available i.e. OVID and Proquest. Usually the access is easy and not hampered.

a. OVID allows you the choice of individual journal and you are charge per journal. It is recommended you get two or more pass word and username. Each is charged at USD 1,800 per year. Each journal is charge individually and the totally is the summation of the number you subscribed to. The cost is 30% more if there is two registered user. The estimate is that it will cost the Association RM 20,000 to 30,000 to get a decent set of orthopaedic journal.

b. PROQUEST give you a bundle of orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic journal e.g. Medline full text version has 443 journal but only 5 orthopaedic related journal. (The price quoted is USD 10,000 or RM 38,300 per year) for the Medline full text version). PQ Medical Library is another package which has more orthoapedic related topic but cost USD 12,000. Proquest give a general number of username and password. ("as many as requested").

These quotations are valid in June 2004. However, the danger of getting the resources directly is that the username and password can be given to non-members as it is not IP address sensitive. Consequently, difficulty in accessing the website.

Based on the information, the MOA Executive Committee feels that it may be more effective to encourage individual members to register directly with the service providers (Universities) or their alumnus for on-line journal access. A member can also encourage his or her institution to register for their staffs since it will also cover other specialties of medicine. It is nearly impossible for MOA to monitor the utilization otherwise.

4. Obituaries

We have received the sad news that Dr Sir Joseph Francis Silva passed away on 29th June 2004 in Sri Lanka. Dr Sir Francis Silva held the Proneer Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at University of Malaya. He was a statuesque charming gentleman, known as a great teacher and raconteur and a pioneer in orthopaedic surgery. The MOA mourns his loss.

Another piece of sad news was that Prof Soelarto Reksoprodjo of Indonesia passed away on 12th July 2004 after hospitalisation for four weeks. We share with our Indonesian counterparts their loss.

5. Fellowships Update

1 ASEAN-British Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship 2004
Assoc Prof Sharaf Ibrahim has been nominated the for the above Fellowship. The five Fellows will start the Fellowship by attending the British Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress at G-MEX, Manchester, United Kingdom from 15th to 17th September 2004. After the Congress, the five Fellows will move to visit several orthopaedic centres for the following two weeks.

2 22nd AOA Junior Travelling Fellowship - September/October 2004
Dr Sharifah Roohi Ahmad has been selected as the Malaysian representative to the above fellowship.

The itinerary for the Fellowship is as follows:

Manila, Philippines 12th - 19th September 2004
Singapore 19th - 26th September 2004
Jakarta, Indonesia 26th September - 3rd October 2004
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3rd - 10th October 2004
Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand 10th - 17th October 2004

MOA members will be informed of the activities planned for the Fellows when they are in Malaysia.

3 24th Annual Congress of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
The Hong Kong Orthpaedic Association will be holding its 24th Annual Congress on 13th & 14th November 2004. The MOA has been requested to nominate an ambassador to attend the Meeting as part of the ambassador exchange programme. The HKOA will provide complimentary registration and accommodation for a total of three nights. The ambassador would have to present a paper at the Congress.

The MOA will provide a subsidy of RM1,000 towards airfare. Members who are interested in representing the MOA are requested to apply to the Secretariat:
a) curriculum vitae (including present and previous posts, publications and presentations)
b) abstract of one completed paper and title of one other talk
c) involvement in the MOA activities and previous sponsorship by MOA, if any before 31st July 2004.