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Mahmood Merican Award

MMA 01

Are Dropped Bone Grafts Safely Reused? An Experimental Study Comparing Efficacy Of Chlorhexidine, Povidone-Iodine And Alcohol

Dr Muhammad Fadhil Mat Salleh

MMA 02

Low-Cost Self-Made Arthroscopic Training Camera Is Equally Effective As Commercial Camera. A Comparison Study

Dr Ling Jian Loong

MMA 03

Donut Orthoban: A Technique To Maximise Wound Offloading In Total Contact Cast

Dr Mohd Firdouse Mohd Zulyadaen

MMA 04

Effectiveness In Using Gabapentin In Post-Operative Musculoskeletal Oncology Patients – A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr Chooi Yuo Joe

MMA 05

Biomechanical Analysis Of Crossed Pinning Construct In Supracondylar Fracture Of Humerus In Children: Does Point Of Crossing Matters?

Dr Mohd Aizat Azfar Soldin


Best Poster Award

BBS 01

The Characterisation Of Monocyte Responses To Mediators Released From Osteoarthritic And Periprosthetic Tissues

Dr Krishnamurithy Genasan

BBS 02

Orthopaedic Metal Implant Coated With Silver In A New Zealand White Rabbit Model Micro-CT Assessment

Ms Nurul Hafiza Mohd Jan

BBS 03

The Effects Of Eurycoma Longifolia And Labisia Pumilia On Bone Density Of Oophorectomised Rats

Dr Liew Hoe Chin

BBS 04

Metformin Modulation Effects On Insulin Resistance-Associated Cellular Changes In Human Tenocytes

Ms Tan Hui Yee

BBS 05

Regeneration Of Full-Thickness Focal Cartilage Defect Of The Knee In Rabbit Model Using Non-Mobilized Peripheral Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells And Platelet-Rich Plasma

Ms Rufaidah Othman