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MMA 01

Biomechanical Comparison Of New Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair Technique “The Giftbox” And Gold Standard Krackow Technique In New Zealand White Rabbits: An Experimental Animal Study

Hashim MF, Mohamed Al-Fayyadh MZ, Mappiere S, Teo SH, Ng WM, Mohamed Ali MR

MMA 02

Nerve Conduits For Nerve Regeneration: An In-Vitro Study Of Electrospun PLGA Nanofibers On Collagen

Mohd Khalid S, Khairunnisa R, Izzat AY, Shalimar A, Mohamed Haflah NH, Ng MH, Ohnmar H, Naicker AS, Azmi B, Ruszymah BHI, Law ZK

MMA 03

The Study Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded Amnion In Augmenting Tendon Regeneration In Vivo

Tan LH, Tan SL, Kamarul T

MMA 04

A Study On Early Progressive Alterations Of Subchondral Bone And Articular Cartilage In The Rat Anterior Cruciate Ligament Transection Model Of Osteoarthritis

Faheem NAN, Chong PP, Kamarul T

MMA 05

A Pilot Study On Bone Formation By Different Type Of Non-Vascularised Tibial Periosteal Graft On Rabbit Model

Tuan Ismail TMF, Sulaiman AR, Khamis MF, Zawawi MSF, Jaafar H




BBS 01

Injectable Self-Hardened Synthetic Bone Cement (Osteopaste) As A Filler For Bone Defects: A Histological Result From Experimental Study In New Zealand White Rabbits’ Tibia

Che Seman CNZ, Zamzuri Z, Zunariah B, Mohd Shukrimi A, Nazri MY, Ahmad Hafiz Z, Aminudin CA

BBS 02

Co-Culture Of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells With Synoviocytes Enhances Cell Proliferation, Migration And Cytokine & Chemokine Release Of Synoviocytes

Savatey H, Tan SL, Teo SH, Chan CK, Mahmood Merican A, Ng WM, Kamarul Zaman T

BBS 03

Regulation Of ITAM Adaptor And Receptor Molecules By Inhibition Of Calcineurin-NFAT Signalling During Late Stage Osteoclast Differentiation

Zawawi MSF, Dharmapatni AASSK, Haynes DR, Crotti TN

BBS 04

The Potential Use Of A 3D Coragraf With Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) Microsphere Loaded Human Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF-BB) Scaffold For Treating Bone Defect In SD Rats

Mohan S, Kamarul T, Raghavendran HRB, Karunanithi P

BBS 05

The Study Of Local And Systemic Inflammation Involvement In Osteoarthritis

Koh SM, Kamarul T





EA 01

Periprothetic Joint Infection: 10 Years Experience In RIPAS Hospital, Brunei Darussalam

Leong JF, Korah P, Pande K, Mamman KG, Olabumuyi D, Mohammad AR

EA 02

Bilateral Subchondral Insufficiency Fractures Of The Femoral Head: A Case Report

Choo WCH, Amir Abbas A, Mahmood Merican A

EA 03

A Study On Ethnic Differences In Knee Function And Patient Satisfaction Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Vatakal PP

EA 04

Delayed Hip Fracture Surgery: A Cohort Study On Mortality And Functional Outcome 12 Months Post Injury


EA 05

The Used Of Impacted Cancellous Bone Grafting With Augmentation In Recurrent Periprosthetic Femur Fracture - A Case Report

Jamat MA, Ishak A, Adzuar M, Kamalruzaman MA, Rauf A

EA 06

Fracture Neck Of Femur - A Local Experience

Ong LH, Sabaruddin A, Rutel A, MSA Jaffar, Kamaruddin F

EA 07

Obesity. Does It Affect Outcome After Knee Arthroplasty In The Asian Population?

Rao R, Mahmood Merican A, Abbas AA, Chan CK, Ahmad Shuhiamy NN, Hashim MS

EA 08

The Characteristics Of Monocyte In Arthroplasty Patients And Their Responses To Mediators From Aseptic Loosening Revision Surgery Periprosthetic Tissue

Genasan K, Roebuck MM, Merican AM, Abbas AA, Murali MR, Mansor A, Kamarul T, Frostick SP

EA 09

Clinical Outcome Of Total Knee Replacement Using Advance®Medial Pivot Knee System

Murugaiah D, Sood A, Krishnan S, Murali Krishnan B, Shangker Pillai S

EA 10

Acetabular Reinforcement Ring For Acetabular Bone Defect In Total Hip Replacement

Abdullah S, Rutel A, Jaafar MSA, Ong LH, Kamaruddin F

EA 11

Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Using The Evolisä Total Knee Replacement System (All-In-One Femoral Cutting Guide). A Case Series

Mohamad Yasin MYS, Salim N, Ahmad AR, Solayar GN

EA 12

A Rare Variant Of An Anterior-Posterior Instability Post Arthroplasty Knee

Lee ZC, Fairuz S, Shahrul H, Satriya S

EA 13

Anthropometric Intraoperative Measurement Of The Patella Dimensions In Total Knee Arthroplasty Of Female Patients

Syahida MT, Shaifuzain AR, Amran AS

EA 14

A Case Of An Extra-Articular Deformity Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Computer Assisted Stereotaxic Navigation System

Hau WWH, Abdul Rani Rizal, Mohamad Yahaya Nor Hamdan

EA 15

Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) In A Below Knee Amputee With Neck Of Femur Fracture (NOF) Allows Early Ambulation

Tan JB, Ong JH, Ngim HLJ, Chua HS, Lee KH, Zulkiflee O

EA 16

Augmentation For Acetabular Deficiencies In Complex Total Hip Arthroplasty. The Seremban Experience

Shamsuddin AF, Radzuan RF, Ahmad AR, Solayar GN

EA 17

Total Elbow Arthroplasty In A Young Post Traumatic Elbow Arthritis. A Case Report

Khamis MN, Khairul Nizam S

EA 18

Treatment Of Isolated Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis With Patellofemoral Arthroplasty: A Case Series

Tee WJ, Ho JPY, Abbas AA, Merican AM

EA 19

Comparison Between Patient Control Analgesia Combine With Periarticular Drug Injection And Patient Control Analgesia Alone In Total Knee Arthroplasty

Saari F, Z Zakaria, MA Sharifudin




EF 01

The Role Of Vascularized Fibular Graft In Limb Salvaging Surgical Management Of A Mangled Foot

Kow RY, Akmal Azim AA, Aziah AA, Muhammad Firdaus A, Low CL

EF 02

Surgical Reconstruction Of Open Medial Malleolus Fracture

Kow RY, Akmal Azim AA, Yuen JC, Ling CSZ, Muhammad Firdaus A

EF 03

Heel Reconstruction With Osteofasciocutaneous Flap Of Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery: A Report Of Two Cases

See LP, Faisham WI, Ariff MS, Nor Azman MZ, Saad AZ, Sahran Y

EF 04

Treatment Algorithm And Functional Outcome Of Post Hind Foot Arthrodesis In Charcot Arthropathy

Ramalingam K, Bajuri MY, Ohnmar H, Yuliawiratman BS

EF 05

Digital Templating Software (MyAnkleTM) For Total Ankle Replacement

Mazli N, Bajuri MY, Shapi’i A, Shamsul Bahari SI, Hassan MR

EF 06

Antibiotic Coated Tibia Nail: A Promising Option For Treatment Of Meliodotic Osteomyelitis

Abdul Majid AA, Abdul Razak KA, Kong IH

EF 07

Escaping The Great Mimicker

Ayeop MAS, Hamzah MH, Che Ahmad A

EF 08

A Tale Of Two Toes: Neglected Cutaneous Syndactyly Complicated With Non-Union

Menon D, Mohamed Yusoff S

EF 09

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Osteomyelitis Of Right Tibia

Yap CS

EF 10

Dupuytren’s Subungual Exostosis Masquerading As An Ingrown Toe Nail: A Case Report

Khirul Ashar NA, Hussin P, Ab Ghani MN

EF 11

Isolated Talonavicular Joint Dislocation: A Case Report

Lim HC, Voon JM, Khalid K

EF 12

Management Of Bilateral Tongue-Typed Calcaneal Fracture; An Ongoing Dilemma

Mardi M, Naadira FM, Imma I

EF 13

Fungal Osteomyelitis Of Calcaneum Due To Aspergillus fumigatus: A Case Report

Nachimuthu M, Izani M, Leow WC, Manoharan K

EF 14

The Effectiveness Of Novel Equinus Prevention Splinting Technique For Use In Patients With Ilizarov External Fixator

Tiong K, Shanmugam R

EF 15

Foot Care Knowledge And Practice Among Diabetic Foot Patients In Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) And International Islamic University Malaysia Medical Centre (IIUMMC), Kuantan, Pahang

Ayeop MAS

EF 16

Microorganisms Isolated From Diabetic Foot Ulcer - And It’s Sensitivity To Our Empirical Antibiotics

Yee TS, Narhari P, Lee KH

EF 17

Mycetoma Pedis - The Importance Of Histological Diagnosis: A Case Series

Then JW, Khoh PS, Yeoh CW, Ooi YJ, S Chopra




EH 01

Tuberculous Dactylitis - A Rare Presentation Of Skeletal Tuberculosis

Ramu TK

EH 02

Septic Arthritis Of A Sternoclavicular Joint Caused By MRSA

Md Yusoff Z, Samadi E, Felix LYS

EH 03

Chemical Burn Of The Hand

Lau LQ, Silvanathan JP, Muhammad Nawawi RF, Chuah CK

EH 04

Actinomycosis Of Distal Phalynx 20 Years Post Flap Reconstruction Of Index Finger

Narhari P, Azid A

EH 05

Feasibility And Reliability Of Using A Radiopaque Marker In Nerves

Ho JPY, Mappiare S, Ahmad TS

EH 06

Short-Term Clinical Outcome Of Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Orthosis Alone Versus Combination Of Orthosis, Ultrasound Therapy And Nerve/Tendon Gliding Exercises

Sim SE, Jayaletchumi G, Ahmad TS

EH 07

A Case Report Of End-To-Side Radial Nerve Transfer To Median Nerve For Brachial Plexus Neuralgia: A Simple Alternative Solution For Complex Problem

Ruslan D, AS Nawfar

EH 08

Mycobacterium marinum Infection Of The Hand

Tee WJ, Lee KJ, Jayaletchumi G, Amir S, Sachin S, Ahmad TS

EH 09

Primary Subacute Klebsiella pneumoniae Osteomylitis In An Adolescent Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Patient: A Case Report

Alias SI, Liew SK, Manohar A

EH 10

Ipsilateral Proximal And Distal Radius Fractures With An Unstable Elbow Joint: Which Should We Address First?

Akmal Kamaludin NA, Kamudin N Azree F, Mohd Ariff MA, Sapuan J

EH 11

Poison Beneath The Skin

Sofian A, YJ Chooi, Manohar A, Najmi AG

EH 12

Severe Lung Function Does Not Preclude An Intercostal Nerve Transfer In Brachial Plexus Injury

Leong JF, Ahmad AA, Sapuan J, Abdullah S

EH 13

Deadly Hair Strand: The Hair Thread Tourniquet Syndrome

Kesu Belani L, Hafizi MY, Leong JF, Sapuan J, Abdullah S

EH 14

Neurotisation In Extended Brachial Plexus Injury: Spinal Acessory Nerve To Suprascapular Nerve And Anterior Interosseous Nerve Branch To Pronator Quadratus To Radial Branch Of ECRB A Case Report

Abot MS, Ismail R, Khalid KA, Mohd Shariff MY

EH 15

Gigantism Mistaken For A Simple Lipoma: Macrodystropia Lipomatosa

Ramlan MKR, Abdullah S, Sapuan J

EH 16

Pseudomonas Osteomyelitis Mimicking Bone Tumor

Chandra Sekaran SRL, M Ikmal H, Ruben JK, Dinesh EK, Suhaila A, Azura M

EH 17

Enchondroma Of Proximal Phalanx Of Little Finger: Augmentation With Cemented Internal Fixation

Sahadun MAA, Muhammad Fathi H, Norlizam MN, N Sivapathasundaram

EH 18

Self Intra-Arterial Drug Injection = Self-Inflicted Hand Amputation? A Case Report

Chanddrasuriya K, Sem SH, Jeremy P, Chuah CK, Rashdeen Fazwi MN, Fauziana AJ

EH 19

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Caused By Peculiar Rice Body Tenosynovitis

Mathavan K, Harikrishnan KT, Razali AM, Chuah CK

EH 20

Fleck’s Sign Of Distal Radioulnar Joint Dislocation: A Case Report

Hassan MS, Sem SH, Wan NA, Denesh M, Rashdeen F

EH 21

Rare Second To Fifth Carpometacarpal Joints Fracture-Dislocation With Scaphoid Fracture And Median Nerve Neurapraxia: A Case Report

Mohd Rahim NS, Sem SH, Jeremy P, Chuah CK, Rashdeen Fazwi MN, Syed Y SN

EH 22

Late Presentation Of A Chronic Upper Limb Ischemic Contracture

Lau LQ, Silvanathan JP, Muhammad Nawawi RF, Chuah CK

EH 23

A Rare Case Of Pronator Teres Syndrome & Accompanying Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome

Toyat SS, Chong WJ, Kandiah S, Lakshen P, Zulkifli EM, Kamil MK, Chuah CK, Tiew SK

EH 24

Finger Flexion Deformity Secondary To Tophaceous Gout: A Case Report

Hassan MS, Anizar FA, Chittra M, Rashdeen F




EL 01

Fixed Flexion Deformity Of The Knee In A Child With Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita: Gradual Correction With Ilizarov External Fixator

Ho JPY, Shanmugam R, Gunalan R, Albaker MZA, Saw A

EL 02

Calcium Phosphate Based Synthetic Bone Construct (SBC) As A Temporary Spacer For Bone Defect Before Bone Transport

Muhamad Syafiz AI, Nazri MY, Ahmad Fadzli S, Mohd Aizat Azfar S, Nur Lidawati A

EL 03

A Case Of Malunion Femur Resulted From Traditional Massage Successfully Corrected Using Six-Axis External Fixator Ortho-SUV Frame

Naqib M, M Qayyumbazilin AA, Hazrul HH, Zamri AR

EL 04

Bone Splitting And Filler Insertion In The Treatment Of Hourglass Shaped Bone

Rao M, Hadi I, Tasarib R, Hakim A





EO 01

Delayed Bowel Perforation: A Pitfall Of Surgical Management Of Sacral Chordoma

Kow RY, Goh KL, Mohamed Azril MA, Low CL, Fadhli M

EO 02

Multiple Scattered And Small Swelling Of Bilateral Lower Limbs: Idiopathic Calcinosis Cutis: A Case Report

Kamudin NAF, M Haflah N Hazla

EO 03

Large Giant Cell Tumour Of Distal Ulnar - A Case Report

Md Ariff MF, Hau A

EO 04

Hemicortical Allograft Ankle Arthrodesis: A Novel Limb Salvage Technique For Distal Tibia Chondrosarcoma

Chew YW, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 05

Functional Outcome Of Lower Limb Endoprosthesis Replacement In Lower Limb Salvage Surgery For Extremity Tumour. A 10 Year Review

Wang CS, Singh VA, Yasin NF

EO 06

Rare Case Of Proximal Ulna Osteosarcoma. Challenges In Management

Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 07

Total Humerus Endoprosthesis For Primary Oseous B-Cell Lymphoma

Mohamad NH, Hashim AM, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 08

Palliative Forequarter Amputation; Indication, Technique And Outcome

Narhari P, Singh A, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 09

Intracardiac Metastatic Sarcoma Presenting With Consumptive Coagulopathy - A Rare Case Report

Narhari P, Chong JX, Azid A, Lee KH

EO 10

Modified Unipolar Hemiarthroplasty For The Treatment Of Metastatic Bone Disease: Case Series Of 6 Patients

Lim CY, Mat Hassan S, Awang M, Md Ariff MF, Hau Abdullah MA

EO 11

Neuropathic Pain Among Musculoskeletal Tumor Patients Treated At A Tertiary Care Referral Center In Malaysia

Poudel RR, Pathak M, Singh VA, Yasin NF, Mansor A

EO 12

Proximal Femoral Resection And Replacement With Long Stem Bipolar And Cement Augmentation - A Cost Effective Approach To Palliative Surgery In Bone Metastasis Patient

Hashim AM, Mohamad NH, Narhari P, Azid A, Lee KH

EO 13

Complications Of Soft Tissue Sarcoma In Hospital Pulau Pinang. 5 Year Review

Chong JX, Tan CS, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 14

Biological Reconstruction Of Distal Tibia Osteosarcoma With Pasteurized Autograft

Eu WC, Singh VA, Yasin NF

EO 15

Functional & Radiological Outcomes Of Resection And Reconstruction Using Non-Vascularised Fibular Graft For Giant Cell Tumour Of Distal Radius. A Penang Case Series

Choong C, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

EO 16

Fungal Osteomyelitis Of Ulnar Bone: A Rare Type And Presentation

Hasan SR

EO 17

A Case Report: Soft Tissue Tumour Mimics Sporotrichosis

Sahimi MK, Abdul Muttalib AW, Suhana SB

EO 18

Osteopoikilosis: A Benign Bone Spots

Iberahim Shah MF, A Wahid AM, Baharin SS, Jonathan R

EO 19

Glomus Tumor: Hospital Kuala Lumpur Experience 2011 - 2018

Osman FN, Chye PC, Suryasmi D, Yeoh ZY

EO 20

Musculoskeletal Tumor-Like Lesions: 5 Years HKL Experiences

Nik Kamrulzaman NKA

EO 21

Ulnar Intercalary Resection Without Reconstruction Provides Acceptable Early Function In The Upper Limb

Liong W, Sellvam SA, Amardeep S, Teoh TJ, Prashant N

EO 22

Survival Analysis On Adult Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma: A Single Institution Study Of 10 Years Duration

Wan Md Yusof WY, Wan Faisham WI, Nor Azman MZ

EO 23

Management Of Benign And Malignant Sacral Tumors Requiring Spino-Pelvic Reconstruction: Our Experience Of 5 Cases

Mat Nor NF, Ibrahim S, Bhardwaj A, Ahmad Z

EO 24

Non AIDS Related Kaposi Sarcoma Of The Lower Limb

Chiang KMW, Ab Rahim MA





ER 01

Limb-Threatening Peripheral Venous Catheter-Associated Phlebitis: A Complication Not To Be Taken Lightly

Kow RY, Colin K, Low CL, Mohd Zamzuri MZ

ER 02

Efficacy Of Chlorhexidine, Povidone-Iodine And Alcohol In Disinfecting Contaminated Bones

Mat Salleh MF, SA Nawfar, WAW Azinuddin, AZ Irwan, IM Yusof, M Nurahan, MHM Nazir, ARM Rashidee, HF Hakim

ER 03

Association Between Bacterial Load On The Operation Theatre Floor And Duration Of Surgery

Mat Salleh MF, SA Nawfar, WAW Azinuddin, AZ Irwan, IM Yusof, M Nurahan, MHM Nazir, ARM Rashidee, HF Hakim

ER 04

Bone Infections, Exploring New Modalities Of Treatment

Haseeb A, Lim HS, Chang CW, Bong CH, Shuan Ju CT, Shanmugam R, Singh VA

ER 05

Augmented Acetylcholine-Mediated Vasodilation In Aorta Of Diabetic Vitamin D-Deficient Rats After Treatment With Calcitriol

Yahaya S, Mokhtar SS, Lee WC, Ab Aziz CB, Ghulam Rasool AH

ER 06

Comparison Of Biodegradability Of Poly-Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) Combined With Fibrin Versus PLGA For Intra-Articular Fixation; An In-Vivo Study With New Zealand White Rabbits (NZWR)

Balakrishnan TT, Zulkifly AH, Sha’ban M

ER 07

The Use Of Factor VIII Prophylaxis For The Prevention And Treatment Of Joint Bleeding In Patient With Severe Hemophilia A

Khosa RS, Yesotha T, L Azura, Jameela S, Felix LYS

ER 08

Prosthesis Fitting In Major Amputation Of Lower Limb: A Cross-Sectional Study In Hospital Kuala Lipis

Kow RY, Azwahida, Ruben JK, Low CL 

ER 09

Supply Of Bone Allografts By University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) Bone Bank: Past And Present

Ramalingam S, Suhaili M, Ng WM, Norimah Y, Azura M

ER 10

Lucio’s Phenomenon: A Case Report

Sree RL, Hazli MI, Syazwan M, Subhan M, Dinesh EK, Ruben JK, Chan MW, Shalwani S, Fadhli M

ER 11

Predictive Factors Of Major Lower Extremity Amputations In Diabetic Foot Infection: A Cross-Sectional Study In Three District Hospitals

Kow RY

ER 12

Leptospirosis With Septic Emboli Causes Wet Gangrene And Complicates Bilateral Below Knee Amputation In A Young Patient

Tan HP

ER 13

Non-Clostridial Gas Gangrene Without Wound Caused By E. coli: A Case Report

Vijay Kumar NK, Aaron Phuah SJ

ER 14

Case Report – The Forgotten Disease: Hip Brucellosis Arthritis

Yap WK, Shahir A, Arnee W, Firdaus A, Hudzairy A

ER 15

Medical Photography Archiving: Tips On How To Set-Up A Simple Archiving System

Tee WJ, Shams A, Jayaletchumi G, Sachin S, Khoo SS, Izzati R, Ahmad TS

ER 16

Preliminary Report On Changes Bone Growth Of Donor Tibia Following Periosteal Resection For Graft On Rabbit Model

Hamad HH, Sulaiman AR, Khamis MF

ER 17

The Osteomyelitis Study In The New Zealand White Rabbit (NZWR) Model: An Approach To Treatment

Zulkifly AH

ER 18

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection: Microbiology Distribution From District Region

Dahdi A, Nasuha NZ, Atiqah A, Rizal Z, Zaim T, Low WK

ER 19

Are Cats Becoming A Dangerous Pet? A Study Of Incidence Of Cat Bites In Hospital Serdang

Abd Samad IH, Muhindra R, Raymond YDK

ER 20

Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) In Wound With Musculoskeletal Injury Patients. Are We Worried?

Foo KT, Foo CH, Gerry MP, Lim HS, Chan SK

ER 21

A Case Of Disseminated Melioidosis With Multiple Joint Septic Arthritis

Ooi E, Nagaretnam V, Chua WS

ER 22

Knee Septic Arthritis: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Ismail NEI, Choo PT, Hasan SR, Selvanathan N, Chopra S




EP 01

Paediatric Hahn-Steinthal Fracture: A Case Report

Kow RY, Jeffrey JR, Low CL, Aziah AA, Nor Kamariah MD

EP 02

TB Hip Arthritis In A Paediatric Patient, Challenges In Early Diagnosis

Aw WO, Yusof MR, Atikah A, Suzannah K

EP 03

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Mimicking Osteomyelitis Of Tibia

M Yusof H, Johari NA

EP 04

Infantile Cortical Hyperostosis Secondary To Prostaglandin Therapy

Rao K, Taufik ML

EP 05

Reproducibility Of AO And Gartland Classifications Of Supracondylar Humerus Fracture In Children Among Medical Officers

Foo KY, Saw A, Roshan G

EP 06

A Double Trouble: Pyogenic Iliopsoas Abscess With Hip Septic Arthritis In A 10 Year-Old Child

Tan YY, Sahadeevan Y, Fareez W, Mooi SS

EP 07

The Curious Case Of Kocher; Gluteal Abscess Mimicking Hip Septic Arthritis

Mohd Nasir MN, Danial FI, A Syafiq M, A Zubair AA

EP 08

Treatment Of Nonunion In Osteogenesis Imperfecta Patient

Mohamad Nor NA, Abdul Halim S, Sulaiman AR, Munajat I, Mohd EF

EP 09

Atypical Complex Tibia Tuberosity Fracture With Posterior Epiphyseal Plate Involvement

Kamasan MH, Suhaizal BJ, Yap K, Shuhup SK, Tan BS, W Arnee, Hudzairy A

EP 10

The Types Of Fractures In Relation To Mode Of Injuries In Children

Pancharatnam D, Saw A, Gunalan R

EP 11

A Review Of Ponseti Method In Management Of Congenital Talipes Equinovarus In Hospital Kuala Krai

AB Rahman RA, Muhd Ruzaimi AR, Zairuddin AZ, Surianty S

EP 12

Pulseless Paediatric Supracondylar Humeral Fracture: A Case Report

Kow RY, Yuen JC, Low CL

EP 13

Gradual Ulna Lengthening And Elbow Reconstruction In A Patient With Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) With Negative Ulna Variance And Complete Radial Head Dislocation

Lim CH, Nik Noraniza, Kamariah Nor, Siron KN, N Premchandran

EP 14

Rotational Deformity In Humeral Supracondylar In Children. Does It Matter?

Kamaludin NAA, Rashid AHA, Ahmad AR, Ibrahim S

EP 15

Factors Determining The Outcomes Of Acute Lateral Condylar Humeral Fracture In Children

Din MH, Syafrein Effendi WM, Munajat I

EP 16

Etiology Of Paediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fracture; A 5 Years Review

Azizi MF, Randhawa SS, Abdul Rahman NR

EP 17

Congenital Muscular Torticollis Released By Modified Ferkel’s Procedure

Goh TC, Saw XY, Ahmad Faizal A, Sivapathasundaram N

EP 18

Incidence Of Newborn Clavicle Fractures: A Review In Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang

Danappal S, Kandiah S, Arumugam S, Rifa A, Kassim K

EP 19

Surgical And Functional Recovery Following Staged Corrective Osteotomy Of Lower Limbs For Hypophosphatemic Rickets (HPR)

Tan EYL, Saw A, Rukmanikanthan S

EP 20

A Rare Case Of Postaxial Hexadactyly, Medial Accessory Type With Pseudojoint To Adjacent Metatarsal Bone

Che Saidi SZ, Aidit S, Zahri MH, Ab Rashid MR, Md Hassan MN

EP 21

Acute Lengthening And Rotational Correction In Osteogenesis Imperfecta Patient

Nik Jaffar NMS, Haryati MY, Sulaiman AR, Munajat I, Mohd EF

EP 22

A Case Report: Lateral External Fixation As Alternative Surgical Method In Supracondylar Of Humerus Fracture Gartland III

Anuar ML, Hazid Hamzah MH, Shri Jaya V, Anis Ahmad Z

EP 23

Impending Doom Of Hand By Jellyfish Sting

Sellvam SA, Mohamad NH, Ahmad FH, Gooi SG, Osman Z

EP 24

Septic Arthritis Of A Hip In A Newborn: A Case Report

Mohamed AM, Mohd Yunus MS

EP 25

Diagnostic Challenge In Fixed Flexion Deformity Of Knee In Children

Loo WC

EP 26

Tuberculosis Of Long Bone: Mascherata Of Bone Disease – Case Report

Azmi MF, Farid MA, Nurhafizah MN, Zaraihah MR, Norhidayah A, Atikah ASA

EP 27

A Delayed Presentation Of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis In A Young Adult With Pituitary Macroadenoma

Chan JHK, Anuar-Ramdhan IM, Kamaruddin F

EP 28

Neglected Distal Humerus Fracture In Children

Chiang KMW, Rahim MAA

EP 29

Scurvy In A Child: Orange A Day Would Had Kept The Doctor Away

Goh BH




ES 01

“Postural Kyphoscoliosis”: An Atypical Presentation Of Herniated Lumbar Nucleus Pulposus

Kow RY, Hazwan AW, Ed Simor Khan, Colin K, Low CL

ES 02

Early Decompression In Traumatic Cervical Dislocation Improve Patient Neurology Outcome

Leong JF, Rhani SA, Baharudin A, Ariffin HM

ES 03

The Outcome Of Operative Treatment Modalities In Patients With Spinal Metastases

Savarirajo JC, Faruk NA, Tan BB, Teo YY, Zaki MA, Wong CC

ES 04

Floating Lateral Mass Fracture Of Cervical Spine: A Case Report

Mohamad NHM, Md Iqbal ME, Selvam SA, Mohd Hisyamudin Haris Padilah, Amir Osman N

ES 05

A Case Of Infant Lumbar Spine Tuberculosis

Khalid K, A Rahim S

ES 06

A Rare Encounter Of Cervical Gout With Myelopathy: A Case Report

Chuah SK, Khoh PS, Chong KL, Zainul K, Suresh C

ES 07

TB Spondylodiscitis With Bilateral Psoas Abscess In Young Female Medical Officer: A Case Report

Lim SW, Hasni MH, Lim CL, Kanniah T, Zuki Z

ES 08

Halo-Pelvic Traction – An Optional Treatment For Severe Scoliosis

Chooi YJ, Saw A, Kanthan SR, Chan CYW, Kwan MK

ES 09

Lymphoma Mimicking Nerve Sheath Tumour: A Case Report

Ooi GK, S De Silva, M Firdaus A, Lim SW, Z Zuki

ES 10

Cervical Screw For Thoracic Vertebral Posterior Instrumentation In Paediatric Aged Group

Tan HP, Kesavan R, Wan KL, Thuraikumar K, Zamyn Z

ES 11

Enterococcus faecium Causes Vertebral Osteomylitis And Paraverterbal Abscess

Tan HP, Nabil J, Ooi GK, Thuraikumar K, Zamyn Z

ES 12

Surgical Reduction Technique (Transpedicle) For Unstable Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures With Retropulsion Resulting In Severe Spinal Canal Stenosis: A Preliminary Case Reports

Choo WCH, Chris CYW, Kwan MK, Chiu CK

ES 13

Intraspinal Cervical Schwannoma: A Case Report

Thavamany AS, Then WJ, Khoh PS, Chong KL, Chopra S

ES 14

Community Acquired MRSA Spinal Epidural Abscess In A Healthy Young Girl

Mohd Aslam MF, M Yusuf H, Azmi A, Mohamad F

ES 15

Extrapulmonary TB, All In One, A Case Report

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5 Years Experience Of School Scoliosis Screening Program In Perak Population - A Clinical Evaluation Of Epidemiology, Effectiveness And Limitation Of Scoliosis Screening From 2011 To 2015

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Spine TB: The Greatest Mimicker

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Shot In The Back, Bullet In My Spine

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Is It Always Pott Disease With Kyphotic Deformitiy

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A Pain In The Neck

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Long-Construct Minimally Invasive Spinal Stabilization Technique Versus Conventional Open Spinal Surgery In Treatment Of Spinal Fractures In Ankylosing Spondylitis And DISH

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Giant Schwannoma Causing Cauda Equina Syndrome

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Tuberculosis Of Cervical Spine

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Strategies In Managing Bamboo Spine Fractures

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Case Reports: Pyogenic Sacroiliitis In Young Adults With No Predisposing Factors

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He Came In Wheels, Walked Out In Heels

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Isolated C2 Cervical Spinous Process Comminuted Fracture Secondary To Whiplash Injury - Case Report

Wong BC, SL Vijaya Kumar, Anbarasu




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Ipsilateral Clavicle Fracture With Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation: A Rare Injury

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EX 02

The Validity Of Post ACL Reconstruction Outcome Measurement Tools In Non-Athletes Patients

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The Outcome In Elbow Reconstruction Surgery Using Palmaris Longus Graft In HTAA

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The Lizard Tail Phenomenon: Semitendinosus And Gracilis Regeneration Post ACL-Reconstruction

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Alternative Treatment Of Tibialis Posterior Tendon Avulsion Fracture

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How To Avoid The Diagnostic Trap Of Posterior Shoulder Dislocation - Importance Of Light Bulb Sign Revisited

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Vancomycin Loaded Bone Cement Bullet For Treatment Of Septic Arthritis Post ACL Reconstruction Surgery

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Cross Suturing Technique For Osteochondral Defect

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A Painful Click In The Knee In An Adolescent

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An Anatomical Study Of The Kaplan Fibers And Anterolateral Ligament In Caucasian And Asian Knees

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Modified Sling Procedure: A Novel Method For Fixation Of AC Joint Disruption

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Synovial Chondromatosis Of The Knee Post Intra-Articular Injection

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Dilemma In Chronic Extrusion Of Medial Meniscus With Unicompartmental Osteoarthritis In Middle Aged, A Case Report

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Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture Following Eccentric Loading Of The Elbow – A Case Report

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Snapping Elbow In Patient With Concurrent Lateral Epicondylitis – A Case Report

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Iliac Bone Graft For Chronic Anterior Shoulder Dislocation With Massive Bone Loss

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Another Step To Prevent PCL Recontruction Failure

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A Rare Case Of Spinal Accessory Nerve (SAN) And Lateral Pectoral Nerve (LPN) Injury Occurring Simultaneously Following Neck Biopsy

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Outcome Of ACL Reconstruction: A Comparison Between Biotransfix Screw And All Inside Technique

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A Rare Fracture Of Coracoid Process And Literature Reviews

Teo GH, Mohd-Karim MI




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A Case Series On Plating Of Distal Radius (DR) Fractures Using The Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) Approach

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Industrial Cable Tie. A Low-Budget Alternative To Closure Of Large Wounds

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Removal Of Interlocking Tibia Pitkar Nail By Creating Window

Rao S

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Calcific Myonecrosis Of Left Leg

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Tibia Malunion With Angular Deformity: Corrective Osteotomy And Intramedullary Fixation With The Chipping Technique

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Musculoskeletal Meliodosis: A 6 Year Review Of Orthopedic Manifestation And Management

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Lumbopelvic Fixation Supplemented With Gull-Wing Plate For Multiplanar Sacral Fracture With Spinopelvic Dissociation: Case Series

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The Local Application Of Gentamicin Containing Collagen Implant For Bone Infection

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Papenieau Bone Graft In Osteomyelitis Non Union Long Bone Fracture: Case Series

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A Case Report On Reconstruction Of Degloving Injury Of Finger With Groin Flap Using Local Anaesthesia

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The Successful Treatment Of Shepherd’s Crook Deformity In Fibrous Dysplasia By Ilizarov Technique

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Compressive External Fixator For Treatment Of Patella

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Divergent Pattern Of Carpometacarpal Joint Dislocation Of The Ulnar Four Fingers Complicated With Compartment Syndrome: A Case Report

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Open Femur Fracture With Severe Bone Loss: Weight-Bearing In 3 Months

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Hip Fracture Fixation In A Patient With Below Knee Amputation: A Case Report

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Operative Intervention For Closed Scapula Fractures: Indications And Surgical Outcomes

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Percutaneous Screw Fixation As An Option In Sacral Fracture Management: A Case Series

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Headless Screw Fixation Of Femoral Head Fracture Via Ganz Trochanteric Osteotomy (GTO): A Case Series

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Modified Combined Approach For Posterolateral Tibia Plateau Fracture

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Retrograde Femoral Nailing As Silver Standard For Femoral Shaft Fracture Especially In District Hospital Setting

Lim J

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Early Administration Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Forearm Crush Injury. A Case Report

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Straight Leg Raising Test Mimicking The Buerges’s Test. Acute Limb Ischaemia

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Functional Outcome Of Surgical Treatment Of Displaced Acetabular Fracture By Anterior Approach

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Rare Pipkin Fracture Vertical Split Fracture Of Femoral Head With Ipsilateral Neck Of Femur Fracture

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Inferior Placement Of Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty Associated With Excellent Functional Outcome

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Management Of Complex Proximal Femur Fracture: Ipsilateral Greater Trochanter, Subtrochanter And Neck Of Femur Fractures

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Guidewire Migration Into The Pelvis During Femoral Neck Screw Fixation: Fixing An Uncommon Complication Of A Common Procedure

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An Engineered Novel Spatially Controlled Collagen Density Gradient Biomaterial For Soft Tissue Surgery

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Correlation Of FRAX Risk Score And Hip Fragility Fractures In Elderly Patients

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Distal Tibia Fracture Treated With Locking Plate: 3 Years Single Center Review

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Alternative Fixation For Forearm Fracture – Intramedullary Locking Nailing: Case Series

Nik Ramli NAM

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Double One-Third Tubular Plate Osteosynthesis In Communicated Proximal Ulna Fracture, An Alternative?; A Case Report

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Triclosan Impregnated Suture In Management Of Acute Surgical Wounds: A Review Of Current Evidences

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Poly Fracture In Pregnancy: A Teluk Intan Experience

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Management Of Humeral Shaft Fractures: A 5 Year Review

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Salvage Of Failed Primary Fixation Of Neck Of Femur Fracture In Young Patient Using Myoperiosteal Flap

Mohd Bakrynizam ABS, Azhar A, Suresh C

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Factors Affecting The Rate Of Surgical Site Infection In Patients After Operation Of Hip Following A Fracture Of Neck And Intertrochanteric Of The Femur In Hospital Melaka

Goh TC, Nor Wazid, Akmal Hadi M, Mohamad Fauzlie Y

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Should The Diastasis Be Fix?

Choo QQ, Kumar CS, Adnan YK

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Mortality In Patients With Hip Fractures Aged 60 Or Older Within 6 Months Post Surgery

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Bone Transportation Over Upper Limb

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Burkholderia pseudomallei: A Rare Cause Of Major Amputation

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Early Perforator Based Flaps For Severe Lower Limb Soft Tissue Defect Reconstruction

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A Step Forward: Outcome Of Displaced Clavicle Fracture Treated With Pre-Contoured Anatomical Locking Plate

Sellvam SA, Liong W, Anbarasan A, Osman Z

ET 46

The Unstable Pertrochanteric Femur Fracture In Elderly Patient; To Fix Or To Replace? A Review Of 3 Patients

Soh CJ

ET 47

Traumatic Hemipelvectomy: Salvage Or Sacrifice?

Din MH, Nik Hassan NN, Razali MF, Wan Ismail WF

ET 48

Introduction Of Grading System For Acromioclavicular Joint Arthrosis Post Clavicle Fracture

Ho SC, Singh VA

ET 49

Case Report Of A Posttraumatic Ankylosed Right Elbow Treated With Open Capsule Released, Reconstruction Of Medial Ulna Colateral Ligament (Novel Technique) And Thermal Arthroplasty Of Ulnahumeral Arti

Zainudin MF, Khairul Nizam S

ET 50

Intramedullary Nailing In Obese Patient: A Humongous Challenge

Mohamad Nor MA, Mohd Yunus MS, Singh S

ET 51

Idiopathic Rice Bodies In Painless Knee Swelling: A Case Report

Manas FF, Ismail II, Ab Rahim MA

ET 52

Compartment Syndrome In Unfractured Limb, Is It Possible In A Contralateral Femur Fracture? - A Case Write Up

Roosli RAH, Thuraikumar K, Rashidi S, Zuki Z

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Case Report – Bent Intramedullary Nail: Alternative Way Of Removal In One Piece

Yap WK, Abdul Hamid MY, Hanif K, Arnee W, Tan BS, Hudzairy A

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Single Posterior Incision In The Treatment Of Complex Elbow Fracture Dislocations: A Case Series

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ET 55

Self-Made Prosthesis Changed Quality Of Life

Abdul Halim WMA, Hanif CM, Faizal M, Narinder S, Aziz A

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Complete Circumferential Degloving Injury Of Arm. A Case Report

Azwan ZB, Fikry MI, Kamarul Al- Haqq AG

ET 57

Full Thickness Skin Graft In Hand Trauma

Chiang KMW, Ab Rahim MA, Nur Ibrahim AI

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Residual Femoral Limb Length Preservation In Traumatic Extremity Amputations; Two Case Reports

Safie MS, Nazir TM, Gopindran M, Ikmal HZ, Sree RL, Syazwan M, Ruben JK, Dinesh EK

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Retrograde Intramedullary Nailing; A Review Of Outcome And Functional Status

Mohamad Nor MA, Mohd Yunus MA, Randhawa SS, Han CS, Abdul Rahman NR

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Non Operative Management Of Neck Of Femur Fractures In The Elderly

Mohamad Nor MA, Cheong KW, R Jagaseagaran, NA Mohamed Haraphi, SS Randhawa, NR Abdul Rahman

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Case Report: Sternal Fracture - A Rare Associated Finding In Thoracic Vertebral Chance Fracture

Ponnudurai PP, Mat Ali MA, Anuar ML, Afifi AA, Anis Ahmad AA

ET 62

A Balance Between Art And Principle In Managing Complex Femur Fracture

Tan HK, Gunaseelan P, Yong AP, Thevarajan K, Hishamuddin S

ET 63

A Balance Between Art And Principle In Management Of Distal Tibia Fractures

Ong ZW, Gunaseelan P, Tan HK, Yong AP, Thevarajan K, Hishamuddin S

ET 64

Floating Shoulder: A Case Report

Sharfuddin I, Norhaslinda M






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Peri-Prosthetic Joint Infection Following Total Knee Arthroplasty In Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar. A 5 Year Retrospective Review

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The Metaphyseal Sleeve: An Unexplored Option In The Treatment Of Complex Primary Knee Osteoarthritis

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FA 03

Pattern Of Inflammatory Markers Post Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Mohd Ali O, Mohd Miswan MF, Abdul Razak MA, Wazir F, Muhamad Effendi F, Sikkandar MF, Sulaiman SH, Ahmad Saman MS



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The Applications Of Headless Compression Screw As Intra-Medullary Fixation In 1st Metatarsal Osteotomy In Treating Hallux Valgus

Hung TS

FF 02

Comparative Study Between Walker Boots & Conventional Plaster Cast In Post Ankle Fusion Rehabilitation

Ezekiel G, Hassan I


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Efficacy Of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Narrative Review Of Published Literature

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A Randomized Control Trial Comparing Trigger Finger Release Under Digital Anesthesia With And Without Adrenaline

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Outcome Of Radial Collateral Ligament Injury Repair Of Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint

Anoar AF, Azman MI, Muhammad Nawawi RF, Arumugam M

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Complications Of Cat Bite Injury Involving The Hand At Serdang Hospital

Liew SK, Mardi M, Arumugam M



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Non Invasive Method Of Preventing Equinus Contracture For Patient On Tibia Ilizarov Fixator

A Malik MS, Saw A, Rukmanikanthan S, Tiong KL, Nuraznita Z

FL 02

Femoral Lengthening Using Limb Roconstruction System (LRS) Over Intramedullary Nail

Bahaudin H, Kandiah S, Kamarul AH, Ngiam CJ, Danappal S, Arumugam S

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Experience In Treating Chronic Osteomyelitis With Segmental Bone Defect With Monorail And Ilizarov External Fixation In District Setting

Mohd Saidfudin NS, Fitri T, Suhana SB, A Muttalib

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Functional Outcome Of Patients Following Limb Reconstruction Using External Fixator For Severe Deformity And Serious Complication Of Fracture

Suhaili M, Saw A



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Early Result In Managing Skeletal Metastasis In Budding Orthopeadic Oncology Center In Malaysia

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FO 02

The Effect Of Intra-Operative Text Messages In Reducing Anxiety Levels Among Family Members Of Patients Undergoing Major Musculoskeletal Tumor Surgery

Poudel RR, Pathak M, Singh VA, Yasin NF, Mansor A

FO 03

Evaluation Of Anxiety & Depression Among Musculoskeletal Tumor Patients Treated At A Tertiary Care Referral Center In Malaysia

Poudel RR, Pathak M, Singh VA, Yasin NF, Mansor A

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High Velocity Injury And Fracture Of Previously Reconstructed Limb Salvage Tumor Surgery – Options Of Surgical Treatment

Yahaya S, MZ Norazman, Faisham WI

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Relationship Between Surgical Margins And Local Recurrence In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treated In Hospital Pulau Pinang

Chong JX, Tan CS, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z

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Survival Analysis In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treated In Hospital Pulau Pinang

Chong JX, Tan CS, Narhari P, Azid A, Osman Z



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Randomized, Open-Labelled Controlled Trial Comparing Efficacy And Cost Of Single-And Weekly Multiple-Dose Regimens Of Intra-Articular Viscosupplementation In Knee Osteoarthritis – 1 Year Follow Up

Suppan VK, Tew MM, Vijay Kumar NK, Wong BC, Chew YW, Tan CS, Rao AS



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Outcome Of Bone Surgery In Equinovarus Deformity Of Foot In Cerebral Palsy

Thamkunanon V

FP 02

Grisel’s Syndrome: Challenges In Diagnosis And Role Of Conservative Management

Punitha K, MY Yahaya, S Lloyd, Satriya SHA



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Short Term Outcome Study Of Intradiscal Steroid Injection In Treating Patients With Discogenic Low Back Pain

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2 Year Radiological Outcome Study Of Adolescent Idopathic Lumbar Scoliosis Treated With Short Segment Anterior Fusion

Faruk Senan NA, Tan BB, S Kumar, Teo YY, Zaki MA, Wong CC

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Miracle Recovery After Asia B Traumatic Cervical Cord Injury

Zarullail NH, Johari J, Yusof MI

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TB Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (TB-IRIS) In The Treatment Of TB Spine

Peris MM, Foo CH, Chan SK, Lim HS, Tan BB, Teo YY, Wong CC



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Outcomes Following A Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstructive Surgery At Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban: A Case Series

Liew MY, Shamsudin Z, Nadarajah E, Kalimuthu M, Ebrahim R, Ahmad AR, Solayar GN

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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: Outcome Of Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression In Kuantan

Mat Lani MT, Khairul Nizam S

FX 03

A Novel Surgical Reconstruction Of Failed Patellar Tendon Repair Post Distal Partial Patellectomy- With Ipsilateral Hamstrings Tendons And Tricortical Iliac Bone Graft

Tan LH, Al-Fayyadh MZM, Teo SH, Mohamed Ali MR, Ng WM



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Cable-Tie Wound Dressing: An Innovative Solution To Large Wounds

Low CA, William CCH, Singh S, Mahmod SA

FT 02

Islanded Gastrocnemius Musculocutaneous Flap For Coverage Of Large Wound In The Leg And Knee

Mohd Yusof N, Ahmad-Alwi AA

FT 03

Distal Tibia Fracture Osteosynthesis With Minimal Invasive Surgery

Hung TS

FT 04

MRSA Surgical Site Infection Outbreak And Colonization Rates Amongst Operating Room Personnel

Abu Bakar ML, Randhawa SS, Jaafar R, Abdul Rahman NR

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Functional Outcomes After Surgical Treatment Of Scapular Body Fractures

Chee WH, Mohd Asihin MA, Ganaisan P, Ahmad AR

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Young Femoral Neck Fracture: 3 Years Tertiary Hospital Experience

Wong YJ, Hussin P, Najmi AG

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External Fixator As Management Of Choice For Unstable Fractures Of Distal Radius A Recommendation

Ponniah E

FT 08

Orthopedic Device-Related Infection, Does Noble Metal Play A Role

Tang WC, Thevarajan K, Gunaseelan P, Yong AP, Tan HK, Ong ZW, Norhafizah M, Hishamuddin S

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Advantages Of Modified Stoppa VS Ilioinguinal Approach In Acetabular Injury

Mohd Shariff MY, Ahmad AR, Ramesh Naidu Applanaidu, Ed Simor Khan Mor Japar Khan

FT 10

2-Octyl & N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate An Adjunct To Fracture Stabilization In Internal Fixation Of Olecranon Fractures

Ezekiel G, Faris H, Soundararajan S, Hassan I